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Ploughshares: Pastor and SIT alum Scott Couper’s African journey

Listen to Scott Couper’s tales of his voyage from student days to career, and you feel more like you’re talking to an adventurer than to the pastor of a small-town Vermont Congregational church. Maybe it’s the lack of a suit and tie, or the upwellings of restlessness in his mostly…

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SIT alumna publishes book on illegal wildlife trade

Woman looks at chameleon perched on her hand

Poached takes readers across a dozen countries, introducing them to the people who engage in illegal wildlife trade — a multi-billion-dollar contraband industry, ranked just behind drug trade, arms dealing, and human trafficking — as well as to those fighting to stop the killing and trafficking of animals.

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Into the woods: Two alumnae receive funding for research in Ecuador’s forests

White magnolia blossom in a plastic water bottle

Two alumnae of SIT’s Ecuador: Comparative Ecology and Conservation program received grants to continue research on a newly discovered tree species. The species, Magnolia vargasiana — a large, neotropical magnolia — was found in Ecuador’s Eastern Cloud Forest. The new species is the latest in a series of such discoveries by…

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Philosophy into Action: Switzerland alumna Sarah Mosley’s professional journey begins with SIT

young woman smiling and showing her muscles in front of distant mountains in Switzerland

For SIT Switzerland alumna Sarah Mosley, a semester abroad became a chance to develop professionally in the competitive world of global economics. Sarah studied with SIT’s Banking, Finance and Social Responsibility program in spring 2017, then stayed in Geneva, where she had landed a six-month position as an analyst for…

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SIT Study Abroad alumna Chelsea Bhajan to address stigma around disability in Indonesia

School for International Training and World Learning have named SIT Study Abroad alumna Chelsea Bhajan as the next Alice Rowan Swanson Fellow. She plans to return to Indonesia to help remove the stigma around people with disabilities. Chelsea, of Trinidad and Tobago, is a spring 2014 alumna of SIT Study…

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Winners of the 2017 #SITVideoContest Announced

We are happy to announce the winners of the 2017 #SITVideoContest. We received lots of great entries from current students and alumni all over the world. Our thanks to everyone who entered. Winners will receive Amazon gift vouchers – first prize is $300; second is $200; and third is $100….

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Driving a Dream

Aquila Ledbetter arrived at SIT via Uber, but not as a passenger. Aquila’s career path had already taken her to the Salvation Army, the Peace Corps, and to local government in Washington DC, where she grew up. All the same, she says, “Something was seriously wrong in terms of finding…

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SIT was the right place at the right time

Kelly Wisecarver Information Management and Reports Manager Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) Individual Assistance Cadre MA, Intercultural Service, Leadership and Management, 2014 I grew up living in between the United States and various countries in Africa. My father worked for USAID and Peace Corps, and for most of my life I…

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Hope and Clarity

by Chris Bailey Before I came to SIT, all I had was a strong desire to find a way to help others and work on building a peaceful world. After the on-campus portion of my degree, I found direction, hope, and clarity on the various ways I could use my…

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SIT Launches Podcast Series

In two episodes per month, SIT’s new On SITe podcast offers insights on global issues from SIT experts. Those experts include faculty and staff from SIT Graduate Institute’s campus in Brattleboro, Vermont and our Washington DC Center, and academic directors and faculty from nearly 80 Study Abroad programs. SIT’s experts…

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